In Their Own Words

To find out about the messages of the main providers of SRE and religion in schools, see the groups below and their Facebook pages.


Generate Ministries


Connect Curriculum

RICE (Renewal & Interchurch Evangelism)

Scripture Union

Christian SRE

Bible Society

Eternity magazine celebrates an 8 year old evangelist.


Click on these VIDEOS to see more messages from providers of SRE and religious activities in public schools

Central Coast High Schools – ‘unique opportunity…some kids have never touched a bible … sometimes they become Christians and start going to church… God starts to change them…mission in our community’

St Ives High – ‘ for the majority of students scripture is the only time they hear about Jesus … it’s a great mission field… the message of salvation’. Asking for tax deductible donations

St Ives Primary – ‘a lot of students are lost – Jesus is the only way … links between church and school grow…’

Scripture at School promo – ‘six out of seven chldren will never experience the love of Jesus ‘- children saying ‘ you’re losing us’ … ‘please take time to share Christ with us’ … ‘help make Jesus known in your local school’

Graham McDonald – is National Children’s Advocate for Children Matter – he is a teacher of SRE instructors who says not putting your shoes away is a sin and ‘sin needs to be punished’ – and he asks at what age when a child dies will he go to hell?  Age seven or younger. Godly discipline? There should be some hitting of the child. Planned lessons need not be followed. Deals with domestic violence situation by telling child he would pray for her. Minister to children outside of the curriculum. Blames societal problems on secularism.

Youthworks Stuck in Sin – animation and song

Scripture at School  – like Hi-5 – telling small children ‘Don’t trust your own understanding’

Quiz Worx Roadshow – travelling puppet show to discipline children in schools, singing ‘god is great and he sent his son to die for us’, shared with 3500 kids, and asking for money

Youthworks SRE lesson – from the book You: An Introduction – children saying that they are bad and sinful

Scripture Union – named in the Dept’ Ed policy as permitted to run voluntray religious groups in public schools, although there is no contract and they are not an authorised provider

ICSF Leadership Conference 2015 – teaching students to evangelise at school – ‘…so you can tell other people the good news about Jesus..’

RICE Eve – RICE group now has a group for girls who are exchanging society’s expectation of who they are for Jesus’ expectation of who they are.

See below for an advertisement for an SRE ‘teacher’. This is a paid position. Note the ‘teacher’ is expected to talk to students in the playground to persuade them to attend SRE, and to encourage students to attend church.

Kotara ad