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Here are some examples across the year levels of what is actually taught to kids in schools.

CRE Angels

ACCESS Ministries CRE volunteers sign a legal contract before they can enter public schools that binds them to a code of conduct.  They must sign this Volunteer Agreement and observe it at all times.

One of those codes of conduct forbids proselytising and evangelising to children and to avoid using language which presents faith-based statements as factual assertions rather than belief.

To view and download this Volunteer Agreement, click below.

However, even though the volunteers sign this agreement, they are breaking it regularly – simply by using the agreed syllabus ‘Religion in Life’, which is produced by ACCESS Ministries.


Click below to view and download the entire 96 page Launch Red 1 Teacher Book by ACCESS Ministries.  This is the agreed syllabus for the prep year in Victoria – 4 to 6 year olds.

The songs from the ACCESS Ministries CD ‘New Tracks – Songs for CRE’ are in this teacher book, telling the volunteers to use them in lessons. (See in MUSIC section):

  • My God is so Big – pages 12, 42, 62.
  • God made Cows – page 62
  • Creation Rap (song about creationism) – pages 62 & 65 (on page 65 it says “You might like to play Creation Rap while the children are working”)

All devotional songs, from the ACCESS Ministries head office.

On page 9 it says “Songs are an excellent way for students to learn with enjoyment. Songs can contribute to the worship aspect of a session, and a song well learned stays firmly in the memory.”

It also tells volunteers to teach the song “The Best Book” by Colin Buchanan.  This song tells children that the best book is the Bible.  The Lyrics say “Oh……The best book to read is the Bible, The best book to read is the Bible, If you read it everyday, It will help you on your way, Oh…….The best book to read is the Bible”
Listen to the song here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

On page 2 it says the following – “Scripture quotations are from The Big Rescue Bible (CEV).”  (see in BIG RESCUE BIBLE section)

On Page 62 it teaches about creationism: “In this unit God is presented as the creator of the world. As children learn of the creation story from Genesis 1, they discover the contrasts that they experience regularly in their world: day/night; wet/dry; big/small. They also find a God who made them and who considers each one of them to be special.”

On page 77 it says – “Read and reflect on Genesis 1:26-28. God created human beings in His likeness with the special responsibility of caring for the earth and all its living creatures.  Our significance as people is tied up in these few verses. None of the other parts of His creation is said to be made in the image of God. As image bearers of God, we have many characteristics of God, including the ability to communicate. He also made us to rule over the rest of creation.”

Here are some more examples of Christian beliefs stated as fact in the Launch Red 1 books. Click below to view and download.

Grade 1

Here is a lesson that appears on page 5 of the Trek 1 Green series student book. This particular lesson directly violates the volunteers legal agreement, specifically – “Not attempt to convert students through proselytizing. For example: Not asking students to proselytize or evangelize within their school.”

Click on image below to enlarge.

Trek 01 - Page 5

At the bottom of the page is what looks very much like a birthday party invitation.  The instructions say – “Cut this out and give it to someone.”

We have received examples of opted out children having these given to them at school by their friends who attend CRE.  This is a direct violation of the Volunteer Agreement, and it is part of the “agreed” syllabus.

Here is an actual example of a form that an opted-out child received in the playground at school.  Click on image below to enlarge.

You are special to God - note

 Grade 3

Here is a BLM lesson from the Quest 1, Blue Series, which directly violates the Volunteer agreement.  Specifically – “Not attempt to convert students through proselytizing. For example: Not asking students to proselytize or evangelize within their school.”


Called the “The Lord’s Prayer”, it says:

“If Jesus lived in the 21st century he might have sent the Lord’s Prayer to his friends via his mobile phone using text messaging.  Using the model of the Lord’s Prayer on page 32 of the Student book, Quest 1 (Blue Series), write your own text message version of the Lord’s Prayer in the space on the mobile phone below.
Cut out the mobile phone and use it as a bookmark or give to a friend.”

This lesson directs the children to evangelise to their friends, which could include other students in the school who do not participate in CRE.

Click below to view and download.

 Grade 3

Here is a lesson from page 9 in the student book from Quest 1, Green series.

Titled “A reflection on Jesus’ death”, it explains “Why? – to bring God’s forgiveness to all who believe in Jesus.”

This sends the very powerful message to a child that you can only be forgiven if you believe in Jesus and those that don’t are not saved.

This is not appropriate for children of other religions who may be in the CRE classes.

Click on image below to enlarge.



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The volunteers are there to teach the Bible faithfully. They cannot change what the Bible said just because you don’t like it. A big part of the christian religion is to evangelize. Jesus tells us to go to all nations and make them my disciples. Matthew 28:19. Everyone has the right to hear Gods message.

I’m sorry Doreen but as a person who follows a religion other than the Christian faith, I reject your assertion that Jesus is telling you to make my children your disciples, and I reject and resent the fact that my children miss out on valuable learning time in their classroom so you can ‘spread the word’. If parents want their children to hear the words they can take them outside of school time to church, and you are free to conduct as many sessions as you like. In fact, why not start a Bible Studies class on a volunteer basis after school? Parents can drop their children off for half an hour, and you can make as many disciples as you want. Sounds like a perfect compromise to me.

What gives you the right to impede on my beliefs for my child? After all Doreen, I don’t see a cheque in my mailbox for the upbringing of my child(ren) so what gives you the right to teach them a religion I profusely don’t believe in.

Rather dogmatic of you to state that.

In Australia we certainly allow the freedom of religion and to evangelise and we accept that you personally wish to spread the Gospel however do this outside of publicly funded primary schools.

Doreen you illustrate exactly why evangelising religious volunteers should not be allowed in the classroom. Proselytising is illegal and yet you say that the volunteers are obligated to do it. The Bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How would you feel if an army of atheists were allowed into the classroom to try to convince your children that no gods are real and that Christianity is a myth? Do I try to deconvert the children of Christians? No I do not. That would be unethical, offensive and just plain rude.

Doreen, I’m so sorry you have been brainwashed into believing in magical creatures and gods and silly things. Children shouldn’t be indoctrinated into such beliefs. I’m very sorry the violence of indoctrination took your mind, but you don’t have the right to perpetuate this violence onto the innocent minds of children.

Wendy ,Doreen has a right to do so because there is a Government Act which says she can teach The Christian Faith in Schools.Parents also have the right for their children not to attend. I am sorry you are confused about magic and God . There is really no connection whatever. I wonder if you have ever indoctrinated anyone with your belief.It is imposssible to have no belief and if you have children I’m sorry to say but you will have “violently indoctrinated their innocent little minds with your world view. Oh dear!!

What I find ever so hypocritical from you is that your religions claims to be just with their morals and values and yet you come into schools under that same banner of morals and values and teach children whom are NOT in relationship to you that your religion is the only one that enables you as a person to uphold morals and values.

The hypocrisy is that you (or the organisation) used a technicality in the law to barge into schools, hijack the school curriculum for 30-minutes a week and you trivialise the issues parents and the children whom opt-out are put to because of your organisational hijacking.

Opting children out you seem oblivious on what actually happens. Prior to July 14, children were told to wait in the corridor, administration offices as if they were punished. Some were given menial jobs like picking up rubbish in the yard. worse still because a number of volunteers distributed lollies, pencils, some the of opt out children were told to sit in the back of the class room within earshot of the teaching and made invisible therefore not receiving anything that their peers received. Some were in fact bullies by stating that they are going to Hell.

Very nice of morals and values you teach and never see the trails of damage your cause.

The teaching if ANY religious beliefs is a private matter between the parents and their child, not some organisation using some outdated government ruling. I certainly don’t see any payments from you to care for my child(ren) ergo what gives you the right to impede on my rights to have my child taught academic subjects in their public school?