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 SRE Lessons: The Good News Beads

bible beads

This is what is going on in NSW schools at the direction of the Evangelical “JESUS” campaign run by the Bible Society.

Young children are being sent home with a bracelet to remind them of sin and redemption and how to get to heaven.

Here’s a summary:

Six lessons for children on the good news about Jesus
This Unit contains six lessons, lasting approximately 30 minutes, for children. The lessons go through six main points of the Gospel, and include the making of wristband or necklace with coloured beads to symbolise each main point.

Green Bead: God’s Creation – God created everything, and everything he made was good, beautiful and perfect, including man and woman.

Black Bead: Sin – Something went very wrong! Mankind disobeyed God, which is sin. Darkness entered the world, and things weren’t perfect anymore.

Red Bead: Jesus Died – God’s love fixes the problem. Jesus died on the Cross to take away Sin.

White Bead: God Forgives – God Forgives all who Trust in His Son Jesus.

Blue Bead: The Holy Spirit – Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to live in all who love and trust Him.

Yellow (Gold) Bead: Heaven – God prepares a place in Heaven for His people to Live with Him forever.

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Click below to view and download the complete lesson.


It is one thing to tell children about religion in schools, but this goes way beyond that and has no place in a school – this is full on “get ’em young and tell them about SIN”.




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I just have a couple of questions. Who told you that this is what is being taught in NSW Schools? The Bible Society doesn’t provide the curriculum for Anglican/Christian SRE in NSW. And where is the 3 year curriculum written by Anglican Youthworks that covers the main events of the Old and New Testament?

Don’t forget that in NSW Schools SRE is supposed to be taught from the specific religion’s main teachings. whether its Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or any other provided in the schools. It is different to Victoria. In NSW the classroom teachers are the ones who are supposed to give the overview of lots of Religions. So what is wrong with Christians teaching children (of parents who have chosen to send their child to that SRE class) the main beliefs of that religion? Even if you don’t like it, teaching about sin and Jesus dying to save us is a central part of Christian belief. How can we teach a Christian SRE class without teaching that?

I have no problem with Muslims teaching kids their Muslim beliefs if the parents of the kids in that class have requested they have the opportunity to learn about them. Or any other religions for that matter.

If you don’t want your children to learn about Christianity, don’t send them to Christian SRE.

K: SRE is NOT taught by classroom teachers, as far as I know. They do not even have to have a university degree for teacher as you would need if you want to teach, say History or Maths. Funny eh? I am totally fine if you want to deliver GRE, by professional teachers with a scrutinized curriculum as any other subjects.

BTW, do you know what while SRE is being delivered, children who opt-out cannot be given standard curriculum? that is, it has a concrete effect even on children who are not in SRE. So, what about this: if you want your children to learn about Christianity, send them to Sunday School. Your child gets the instruction you want and my child does not miss out. Plus your child and my child are not separated because of their parent’s religious preferences. Sounds like a good deal for everyone?

Hi Seb,
I appreciate your comments and your concern for your children. I’m not sure if you are in NSW or Victoria, but the religious studies that is supposed to be taught by the classroom teachers is not SRE. It is called General Religious Education (GRE) and is separate from SRE.

Do you think that reading a book is wasting time for a child? Do you object when children are asked to do DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) in the classroom? That is what the children who go to non-Scripture do at the school I teach at. They are reading books. Personally, I am thrilled when my 8 year old is reading.

Is there no other area when the children are separated for something? What about children who need extra help with their English or some extension for gifted kids? What if some kids are in the choir or recorder group and need rehearsals during class time. Is that not separating them? And in my experience that half hour lesson a week (which is minuscule in a whole week of school) doesn’t cause any divisions or problems with the children. My son happily plays with children of all races and religions. It doesn’t matter to him that they go to a different scripture class to him.

My concern is not only for my own children, but for those whose parents want them to learn about God , but don’t go to a church or know how to teach them about it. Having SRE also gives the message to the kids that there is a spiritual aspect to life and a bigger picture. They don’t get that in the rest of the curriculum.

And I’m sure many high School English and History (and possibly Art) teachers would love it if their students knew more from the Bible as so much of our culture and books and history has been influenced by Christianity and the Bible. But these days most kids are ignorant of these things.

I understand where you are coming from and would probably feel the same as you if I were in your shoes. But I am looking at this from a totally different perspective. I hope you can respect that.

Could someone from FIRIS please answer my question about the NSW Christian SRE curriculum? I think you need to at least give the correct information if you want to criticise the curriculum. What you have put on this page is not the curriculum at all. If you go to the URL I posted you can find the accurate details of the curriculum.