On 25 August 2015, Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong delivered a Private Members Statement regarding special religious education in NSW schools.

The statement included the Bible Society of Australia’s “Good News Beads” Lesson.

What is important about this example is that people who have the evidence usually win.

In this debate there are two sides.  Our side that says we should not have programmes designed to invite people who are running missionary programmes to evangelise for their religion into primary schools and the other who claim that “unless we have these programmes that our children won’t understand Shakespeare” (or some version of that).

Here is the good news bead lesson in case you too want to wave this in the face of the next idiot well meaning SRE apologist, who tries to tell you that SRE is not about proselytising!

Thank you Jenny Leong you’re compliments of us are appreciated and noted.  We urge parliamentarians in NSW to learn how to argue back when faced with the bankrupt, dishonest and self serving nonsense that keeps getting squirted at people who say that this stuff doesn’t belong in NSW schools!

The only reason that SRE exists is because of what you read right here – no more, no less:

Download (PDF, 2.87MB)