The most energetic defenders of SRE are strident evangelicals who when given the chance to speak out about their beliefs and their motives … they are mute, or they make up a cover story.

The fantastic irony is that they also complain that they are oppressed and are being hounded out of the “public square”.

We were delighted to learn that Mr. Lee-Price came to the launch of the FIRIS billboard!

brett lee price TV2

but we were saddened that when given the microphone by the TV 7 crew that he refused to comment!

I have no comment for the media

Brett Lee-Price:  I have no comment

The irony is that, Mr. Brett Lee-Price, does have a lot to say … we know because he’s among the most vocal and retweeted SRE advocates in NSW.

brett lee price TV

and he blogs regularly about FIRIS and our lack of understanding.

Mr. Lee-Price writes on his website that, he feels “Christians are discouraged from public discourse if they mention just two words, God or Jesus”.

However, when Mr. Lee-Price was being invited to have “public discourse” he chose to refuse to say anything at all!

This is a shame because the public deserves to understand this issue.  The public also needs to understand that SRE advocates seem to not want to tell the 7 News, as stated on his website, that he has a “deep desire to see Christians evangelizing and modelling the Gospel to those who are unsaved. We have a passion to see individuals repent and believe unto Him. We too, like God, desire to see all to come to repentance and be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4, 2 Peter 3:9).”

No one was preventing him from saying exactly that when asked by the media, “what do you think”?  But instead, he said nothing.

Our question is why?

Why do SRE’s passionate defenders say such plainly worded things on their websites, but then demurre when asked this in a public forum?

Is it because they are being oppressed?  Is it because other people, have opinions about the proper limits of what should be happening in a public school classroom, and what is, at the end of the day, a deeply intrusive form of pestering other people with your religious feelings?

The relevant question of course is “why do you need legislation to see all come to repentance and be saved”?  Because from where FIRIS sits, it sure seems like that is what you are aiming to do (to our children).

Mr. Lee-Price seems to imagine that he’s being silenced, but here he’s chosen to avoid contributing to the “public discourse”, by simply stating what his “deep desires are”, and we’re the one’s being asked to remove our kids from their classrooms while he acts out his “deep desires”.

Let’s be clear.  One side in this public discourse are clearly not willing to engage in debate, or when they do, they spin what anyone can plainly see are their evangelical and missionary motivations.  The public does not dislike this because of any hostility to God or Jesus, but because what this has nothing to do with education.

Mr. Lee-Price – no one was taping your mouth shut … you had the chance to say what your “deep desires” are on TV news … but you didn’t?

That is a problem because if you want to have our respect you can’t be avoiding being honest with us or the media.

The people behind this system, like Mr. Lee-Price, moan about how oppressed they are, and when asked, they have “no comment” or they tell us a calculated story that sounds nothing like their true intent which is to see our children saved.

Thanks for coming to the FIRIS event, next time, please, try telling us what you think, we’re sure the public would benefit from knowing.