While Jesus spoke at length about equality and social justice, and his followers were inspired to create systems of human governance based on these principles, it is with some sadness that we announce that the “war on rainbows” or as Fred Nile says #ReclaimOurRainbow, is coming to a primary school near you courtesy of “The Bible Society”.

The Bible Society publishes bibles given out by ACCESS Ministry in schools.  The Bible is called the “Big Rescue” and this week it was revamped to get rid of its “Simpsons” look, and was given a new look along the lines of Walt Disney, the important thing about this bible is the pictures which are chosen to call out the important parts of the bible :


That’s right folks … Nile got the Bible Society to make sure Aussie kids know that in addition to having Red Pandas, Cassowaries, Kookaburras, Kangaroos and Scarlet Macaws on the Ark, and itseems to have made the Dove of Peace into the Cockatoo of Peace, Nile’s point that the Rainbow is “God’s Sign” has been singled out for distribution in primary schools though SRI teachers.

After all, as Nile says, they are “taking back what is theirs”:


So this is what Christianity has been up to lately, bringing a copyright infringement action against gays.

Which only goes to show that there is no cause too hopeless to tackle when you’ve got God on your side.

It is sad then that the only thing Aussie kids are going to learn about the #Bible is that it too was published by Disney.

But unlike Disney, there are no Fairies.

You’d be hard pressed to discover that Jesus cared about the poor and dispossessed if you listen to the agenda of Christ’s advocates, especially the ones who run for office in his name.