We were alarmed to get this screed from an ACCESS Ministry Volunteer and have shared our concern with the Principal of the school where she instructs for ACCESS Ministries, and the Office of Student Well-being.

I hope it illustrates the difference between professing values because of religious identity, and actually having values.   We don’t wish to assert that this person is not entitled to voice her animus toward gay people, Muslims, and also to object to abortion, or to whip up culture war in Whitehorse.  She doesn’t even have to get her facts right.  These views are hers and she is free to voice them.

What I do wish to point out to the Department of Education is that simply asserting that one has “Christian Values” is not the same as having values which should be tolerated in our schools, where I am at pains to point out, gay people are welcome, Muslims are welcome, and at least for the time being, people’s choice to have abortions is not “murder”, in the eyes of the law.

What is totally insane is that all this person has to do in order to have the right to enter a school and teach in it, is to cough up a note from her PASTOR, and “poof” the prep class is all hers to “share the Christian Faith” … which I point out, has not exactly inspired her to the kind of compassion I’d like to see in my neighbour.   The matter here is not that some people hold extremist views, and wish to run around scaremongering and caviling against, “the gay” or say loopy things about jewelry and hijabs – this is the price of freedom – but it should not ALSO be a qualification to TEACH in a public school, for heaven sake.  You are free to have these views, but they disqualify you from belonging to the value system that we call “Australian”.

It speaks volumes that we have a program in our schools which encourages people with extremist views like this to use our classrooms to instruct children in their religion and employ our trained teachers to monitor these people.

The Christian culture in this nation is under threat

The Christian culture in this nation is under threat


The post Screed  blog post was posted in Febaruary 2014 but removed mid-March and Karen’s blog fully removed; however a cached version can be found here.

Here is a PDF file containing the screed: CRE teacher screed

Here is the coverage in The Age: Parents group offended by religion teacher’s blog criticising gays

Here is a copy of said screed (as posted in February 2014): 

What’s happening in our nation…??

We need people who are concerned about what’s happening within this nation…

–  Freedom of speech is under threat;

– Pressure to have Extreme discrimination laws put in place is underway;

– Constant pressure to allow Same Sex Marriage which will have a huge negative impact on the family unit as we know it now;

– A constant push for ‘diversity’ actually encourages young people into homosexuality by making it sound ‘normal’ rather than encouraging them to fight against early thoughts of same sex attractions that they might be dealing with in their teenage minds;

– The Christian culture in this nation is under threat – ‘Christmas’ to be known as the ‘holiday season’… no singing Christmas carols because it may offend other nationalities…when entering banks other religions can wear full head/face garments, but we MUST remove bike helmets,…. no crucifix jewellery permitted in schools with strict jewellery policies, but muslim students can still wear their full religious attire.  What’s happening??

– Political madness is rampant;

– Abortion rates are outrageous because women are not given accurate information about the health/emotional risks;  It’s constantly being encouraged as acceptable which makes it available like a contraceptive method.  A MCG full of babies (100,000) were aborted in Australia in 2011.

– ONLY in Victoria, abortions can take place up to 40 weeks…yes the day before giving birth!  Over 200 cases in Victoria last year of full term abortions.  I’m sorry, but why are we allowing the killing of innocent little babies?  Like it or not, abortion is another word for killing.  At 4 weeks or 40 weeks it IS a life.

-Muslims aren’t having abortions…they’re multiplying dramatically!

-Employed medical staff (including nurses) can be charged for breaching the law if they refuse to conduct/assist with an abortion;

-Sex education in schools now talks openly and explicitly about the many different ways of having sex with the same or opposite gender….and at any age that suits because ‘they know best!’

‘Australian Christians’ is a political party that is trying to infiltrate the federal government.  It is not affiliated with any religious movement.  We have a variety of candidates and supporters, including ‘muslim born’ people (who are now Catholic/Christians) standing up and fighting against the infiltration of the Islamic culture.  They don’t want it in this great nation…which is why they left countries like Egypt in the first place!

We need to get people into the political realm in this nation that will stand up/speak up for what should be ‘the majority’ but unfortunately the minority are having their say way too loudly.
You don’t have to be a Christian to share the views above.  I know many non-Christians who are alarmed and frustrated about what’s going on.
Get informed….get involved….speak up!
I refuse to believe the lie that you can’t make a difference, because the truth is we CAN!