The Australian founder of “The Creation Museum” is about to stage a big media event, and it has people talking.


Ken Ham has declared 2014 “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids” – which sounds a bit like a slogan that FIRIS can get behind, only for reasons opposite of what Ham means.

Creationism is often seen as an “American Problem” – which is ironic when you consider that the most energetic engines of creationism – “Answers in Genesis” and “Creation Ministries International” are while located in the USA, created by, and led by Aussies.  Is it because this kind of thing is not welcome in OZ?  No, its because there is a bigger market in the USA.

I’d like however to propose that Australia has a lot of explaining to do.  Its time that Australia owned this problem and admitted a hard fact, it is a kind of Creationist “Typhoid Mary“, it has the disease, it spreads it to others, but thinks that it has a clear bill of health.

We have shown, many times, that SRI (SRE in NSW) is staffed by people who think just like Ken Ham.

Here for example is Peter Adamson, who works in NSW, listen to how he talks:

I don’t know what these people have to do to attract the ire of science educators in Australia, but as you can see they are cut from a particular theological cloth that is hostile to science, and evolution in particular.  Otherwise why would he claim that “some scientists believe that animals evolved”?

The problem is that everyone seems to think that this hostility to science is “the Christian worldview” – when clearly it is not.  In fact people like Ken Ham, and Peter Adamson (who teach SRE – as a “strategic ministry”) are the radicals, teaching that the bible is “literally true” and the “scripture is inerrant”.  Now, if you want to go to a church where that is on offer – please, go for your life, but, the issue here is that these people ALSO want to have a time slot in the public schools – and this dear friends, is where “we” have a problem.

The sad fact is that this franchise of employing people like “Peter Adamson” is how you make Ken Hams.

What kind of person goes around asserting that Genesis is something other than an ancient fable set in a time and place that has long ago been shown to be just that, a fable.

Now, should we entrust our children in our schools to men like Ham and Adamson, who argue openly that the central organizing principles of science are a threat to their “worldview”?