ACCESS Ministries increasingly disguises itself as something other than what it is.

Here is an excerpt from their page “explaining” SRI:

ACCESS ministries has developed CRE curriculum that offers a safe forum for young students to discuss values, spirituality and Christianity in a tolerant and respectful manner.

The CRE program will assist your school in teaching values to students. Through interactive activities, lively and helpful class discussion, music and dramatisation, students will explore healthy methods to relate to each other. Our curriculum and classes are designed to assist students to grow in tolerance and respect of each other.

Offering a spiritual and moral dimension to your school helps build a positive culture of healthy interactions and respectful relationships.

The CRE program is designed to benefit students and staff alike and we aim to foster positive relationships within the school community. Every school has a CRE team leader who provides the single point of contact for all CRE teachers in the school. Our team leaders in turn are supported by a network of Field Support Officers to ensure the smooth running of our programs.

ACCESS ministries provides detailed reports every semester on student participation and program outcomes to the Student Wellbeing Unit within DEECD.

Part of the ongoing success of the program rests on our ability to acknowledge and resolve any potential issues and complaints. ACCESS ministries follows a rigorous process to ensure that resolution is met adequately by all parties.

There is nothing positive about running a missionary program in a room full of 5 year olds and asking some of them to not participate.

It is cruel, it is harmful to positive relations among students, staff and parents and it is divisive.

It is also time that it stop.  Note the claim that what SRI does “adds” a “spiritual” and “moral” dimension.  The presumption here is that schools lack, “spirit” and “morals” – and that your child needs SRI to get this.

Nothing could be further from the truth.