Big Rescue Bible_CREversion

This link opens a 1MB pdf file – posted here in full under the fair dealing provision of the Australian Copy right law.

FIRIS intends for this material to be used for:

  • review or criticism
  • research or study
  • news-reporting
  • judicial proceedings or professional legal advice

It clearly identifies the ownership of the materials in the attached copy and is being distributed here to clarify the materials used in our schools as part of the official school curriculum “Religion in Life”.

We want to clarify that FIRIS understands that in the past ACCESS Ministries has made threats against people who have reported on their curriculum materials but because these materials are distributed in our schools, we feel the public has a right to know.

There is no indication given to parents that THIS is the viewpoint of the ACCESS Ministries “Religion in Life” program.

Another example of how ACCESS lie when they claim to not proselytise.

The intent and wildly fundamentalist interpretation put on the bible by ACCESS Ministry is abundantly clear from the attached.