This video is the DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON of ICCORIES, Peter Adamson, not some wackaloon making videos in a basement.

He is the poster boy for why the practice of religion in schools is dangerous, fanatical, and clearly aims to undermine science, and impose fundamentalist religion on children.  None of this would be worth paying attention to, except for the fact that politicians and school officials are funding this and using their executive authority to impose it on us.  Why does anyone have to “opt out” of this kind of predatory program?

This is the kind of effrontery that no one seems to want to talk about – why should anyone respect Peter Adamson?

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This has nothing to do with education – it is “a really strategic ministry”.

Deputy Chairperson – Mr Peter Adamson
Originally a civil engineer, Peter became a Presbyterian minister and has for decades been employed in church planting both in WA and NSW. Along the way, he has regularly taught SRE and was one of the first two school chaplains in WA. For many years he has also been a casual teacher in Christian schools. Currently he is completing a Dip Ed. Once Director of Scripture Union in WA and most recently Chairman of Scripture Union in NSW, he was also the original Executive Officer for GenR8 (The NSW High Schools SRE Association). He is currently Director of Camping and SRE for Presbyterian Youth in NSW.

In otherwords, this man is among the most aggressive child evangelists in Australia – any politician who provides this man a venue in the public schools of Australia is directly working against everything our political and educational systems stand for – if Adamson wants to peddle this in his own church – we’d be loathe to even discuss it – but he is standing here calling for political activism to keep his religion in OUR schools.