A promotional package calling for ACCESS volunteers to become “fishermen for the kingdom”

Please note, it is trivially easy to teach “about” Christianity without doing it “for the kingdom”.  Here is an example of a book that teaches children “about Christianity”, it uses scholarly, factual language to explain the beliefs and tenets of the religion, perhaps most importantly, it locates this religion, in time and place, which helps communicate to children how religion relates to history, culture and tradition.

ACCESS Ministry on the other hand, make no attempt to teach like this.  This image of from “The Big Rescue Bible” illustrates the mental map that a child would take away from their instruction, yes that is a man disembarking from a whale:

Attached below you can download an ACCESS Ministry recruitment slide show, which frames the clear intent of their outreach.

They clearly promote participation with the intent to convert and induce a particular response which they believe has “eternal consequences”.

ACCESS does not teach “about Christianity” … they are in the schools to be “Fisher’s of Men” – THE PROOF: