It becomes clearer and clearer that what “Religious Education Classes” are in Australia is a fundamentalist evangelical franchise to convert children and young people while they are still forming their intellectual and emotional identities.  Most parents in Australia simply have no idea of the single-mindedness of these “Child Evangelists”, or the level of deception and dishonesty they feel is justified in pursuit of your children.

Here is a video, created by Greg Clark’s organisation, “The Bible Society”, who, when they aren’t working to undermine the secular character of education and erode the values upon which Australia grew to be a free and democratic and pluralist society, are busy churning out cartoon bibles and evangelical tracts to try to “win children for Jesus”.  It’s not so much a religion as it is a marketing campaign and a sales pitch, which like everything else can now be downloaded on line.

Here is a video they offer on their website for teachers to use in schools:

This is what it all rolls up to and why this video is called “Where it is all heading“.

And this friends, is what is going on in our schools with the imprimatur of the Minister of Education – this is what “scripture” has become, nothing to do with scholarship, education or learning, its just stripped down to it core message of salvation, and given over to commercial slogans to convince you to buy .

My own daughter was given this kind of going over in prep – something I found deeply invasive our families rights, as it was clear that the people doing the evangelism were eager to disguise it and were exploiting the trust and good will of the community to impose on families, who are quite competent to attend to the religious formation of their children, after all, what is wrong with rejecting THIS kind of simplistic, fundamentalist view of the world?  What is wrong with following another religion entirely?  Really the only people who object to this are the people, like Greg Clark who feel it is incumbent on them, to save me.

None of this would be worth discussing – except for the fact that Greg Clarke wants to annex the schools and government to pursue his – completely religious – agenda.  Its wrong, and it should stop.