In SRI, your child will be handed a “Big Rescue Bible”.

Here we have a child evangelist image of heaven, a child of an unchurched family, realizing that the bible is “all true” and being “saved” via the work of “The Bible Society” who have been actively undermining the secular principles of this nation, as long as anyone can remember.

This is a bible, made to look a lot like “The Simpsons” and it exposes children to a shallow and fundamentalist understanding of the meaning of the bible, which in turn reflects the theology of “Child Evangelists”.  Even the title gives away the point of the publishing exercise, rather than call this “__________ translation of the bible” the publishers of this bible want to make it clear that this bible is here to rescue you – ergo, “The Big Rescue” – you are hereby, “saved”.

As you can see there is no attempt to position this as “education” or “scholarship”, the bible is not definitely in the category of “literature”, nor is it “mythical”, it is not proper to think of it, as one in a series of many analogous texts that are found across the contingent landscape of culture.

No, per the publisher what you, a child, needs to know about the bible, is to quote Ian Harper, “all true”.    Child Evangelists make a lot of throat clearing noises about how they really want your child to be able to better comprehend Shakespeare, but in truth, what they want is for your child to believe in the “literal truth” of the bible, which of course is a view held only by a small minority of people in the world.

Here is how this edition of the bible is advertised by its publisher.

The BIG Rescue is a book put together especially for you. In this book you will find the most incredible stories to read and think about. And all of them are true! The BIG Rescue is an up-to-date Bible, so it has all the books that other Bibles have inside to read. The BIG Rescue has more pictures to go with the stories.

In The BIG Rescue, you will find out about God. God inspired this book to be written and he wants you to read its very special message. In it, you will read the amazing stories of how God has rescued people in the past, and people today, and his BIG Rescue plan for the whole world! Sounds like an impossible job? Well, read on and see how God will do it!

The BIG Rescue is an exciting adventure, with comedy, action, drama, war, romance, and tragedy — and it’s all true. The BIG Rescue covers many centuries and tells lots of smaller stories inside one huge rescue story.

The BIG Rescue is about God and the world he made. It is split into two major parts. the Old Testament and the New Testament. God has always wanted to be close friends with us, but we haven’t been so friendly in return… God has chosen people through time to be messengers and reminders of how things should be. In the Old Testament, some of these people were called “prophets”. But the writers of The BIG Rescue were all kinds of people. Some of these people were farmers, others were fishermen, some were kings and queens but all of them loved God and wanted to do what he asked. Each of the books in The BIG Rescue has been written by one of these special people. Some people wrote more than one book.

Some books tell about history with wars and kings, some books are full of songs, one has love poems, some are personal letters, and others are letters to a whole bunch of people.

God even sent someone from heaven, Jesus, his only child, to show us what he is like and how much he loves and cares for us. The New Testament tells his story. He is a major player in The BIG Rescue. Have a look at the map to see what Israel looked like when Jesus was showing people what God is like.

Although most of the books are set in the Middle East and a couple of other countries on the Mediterranean Sea, all the stories are for the whole world to share. This is your chance to get into the adventure. Read on to find out how to get the most out of The BIG Rescue!


Here are links to the publisher, and the poster child for Child Evangelism in OZ: