In a previous post, we examined the “Child Evangelist Bible” handed out across Australia by the “Bible Society” who also have a “Jesus V8 Race Car“, no really, I’m not being a smart ass, they really are bringing Christ to Bathurst.

I pointed out that this bible was a cartoon, designed to pitch a very one dimensional message at children, hence the name, “Big Rescue”, as opposed to some of the other names that have periodically appeared on the bible, such as “King James” or “Holy” … our kids it seems have rather short attention spans, so the Bible Society decided to hit them with the ending right on the cover, hence, “Big Rescue”.

Anyway, it seems like the politicians in NSW wouldn’t know a fundamentalist tract from cab charge receipt, and decided to honour this nonsense by handing out AWARDS … I kid you not.

Education Minister from NSW handing out awards to Child Evangelists in NSW.

Here is Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli MP, handing out AWARDS for, among other things, Phil Watson, who illustrates some of the GodSpace materials and the Big Rescue Bible!

You just can’t make this stuff up.  It turns out that the bibles being handed out in NSW schools are not the work of rogue evangelicals who sneak into the schools to reach the unchurched, but that the Minister of Education himself encourages and awards this behaviour.

Here is Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli MP., handing out awards to the 266 people who seem to control school policy in NSW. It is not clear if Mr. Piccoli has any clue what the word, “proselytise” means.