One of the things we hear over, and over and over again is that “ACCESS Ministry do not proselytise”.

Here is an example of what proselytising looks like.

Ian Harper, who is on the board of ACCESS Ministry, has given his witness a video made by Lausanne activist Karl Faase, which he tells kids, “it’s all true”.

this has been packaged by Sydney Anglican child evangelist, Kaye Chalwell, for distribution in Schools via school chaplains, and church run SRI/SRE programs.  As you can see there is no effort here to give any other viewpoint – according to these guys – it is all true, and you SHOULD believe it to.

It is stunning how much “missionary” work is going on, and dishonest these groups are – this is proselytising and its being done by a board member of ACCESS and handed out by chaplains and SRI teachers … right here before your eyes.  Have your kids been sat down and told to watch “Should we cancel Christmas?”

I’ll tell you one thing, it is high time we asked, “Should we Cancel SRI”.

Should We Cancel Christmas? is hosted by Karl Faase and aired on the Seven Network on Christmas Day 2010. It is now available on DVD as a high school teaching resource to help you as a teacher, scripture teacher or chaplain present the message of Christmas to your students. Complete with pdf lesson plans and worksheets on the DVD. Includes interviews with Mark McCrindle, Professor Alanna Nobbs and Professor Ian Harper.