Back in June we brought the good news about the Child Evangelists @ Diamond Valley Baptist Church to you as an example of how SRI is hardly an educational program.

Well today, an alert FIRIS commenter (h/t Tom)  noticed something had gone missing!

Just like ACCESS got rid of “God and Jesus” from their Mission statement, documented here:

Diamond Valley has amazingly deleted its statement of intent to use the schools ministry program as “evangelism”.  You can read the new version here:

but wait, there’s more, the “full length interview with Diamond Valley Youth Evangelist, “Raff Agistino” has vanished too!

We so enjoyed listening to Raff tell us about how he likes using the schools to tell kids about how God helps him with his car collection, that we saved it for your enjoyment:

Personally, I’m praying that God will get a hold of Raff and tell him to back off on the Maccas – that is unless he intends to be a a SUPERSIZED youth Evangelist.

Here is a shot from a recent Dimond Valley Youth Camp” in Healsville … where the real heavy work of Evangelism takes place.

Now, at FIRIS we completely support the idea of a diversity of religious traditions that live peacefully together in Australia, but we can’t stand the lying, the misdirection and the false pretences with which youth Evangelists like the ones at Diamond Valley operate.

Many families have good reasons not to engage in YOUR version of religion (ie we don’t worship this way):

Children Being Brought to Jesus at a Diamond Valley Baptist youth camp. Note the text projected on the wall, “It’s all about you”.

We don’t fill in web forms to indicate to you if we are following Jesus, your way …

In fact we are happy that you have the freedom to do these things … but PLEASE, for everyone’s sake, LEAVE OUR SCHOOLS ALONE and STOP RUNNING YOUR MINISTRY IN OUR SCHOOLS AND LYING ABOUT IT!


The Parents @ FIRIS