CRE teacher Andrew Price today commented:

Anyone who persists with the claim that Christian Religious Education in schools is “discriminatory” does so in the face of a legal process that has heard the evidence and has ruled against this claim. Similarly, the continued assertion that CRE classes involve “indoctrination” and “proselytism” shows an ignorance of what actually happens in classrooms and of the guidelines that CRE teachers must adhere to.

I have taught CRE in several schools and I am always careful to encourage my students to form their own beliefs, and I try to treat the viewpoints of all students with respect and courtesy. Our role as CRE teachers is to help children to understand and explore the Christian faith, not to convert or proselytise.

It is disappointing that so many of the opponents of CRE are quick to attack us for what we do without being fair or factual in their assertions.

Well lets get one thing straight, Andrew, the legal process did not say that the SRI system didn’t discriminate, it said that the three families who presented their experience in the court could not prove that the DEECD had violated the Equal Opportunity Act. What you and others like you do in our schools DOES DISCRIMINATE because you demand that parents “opt out” while you take over our classrooms to “instruct children in the beliefs and tenets of your religion”.

But don’t take my word for it, here is one mother who will tell you PERSONALLY what this means to her.

Your curriculum speaks for itself, and it’s goal is to proselytize – don’t pretend that this treats us with “courtesy”.  My kids are sitting in the HALL!  Katies kids have been removed from the class and have come home in tears … you are doing this on purpose and it hurts kids and disrupts our schools.