It goes without saying that much, if not most, Christian belief is a source of inner comfort, an encouragement to live by what is often called “the Golden Rule”, and a general sense that a well lived life will be rewarded in the end.

However there is a small but vocal faction who are so convinced that they are in possession of  insights so pressing and so important that everyone else needs to hear them, over and over, in increasingly strident and insulting tones.

Sadly, overnight, the Parents Victoria website became the latest target of this kind of religiously fueled ugliness.  It goes down as an example how poorly correlated religious fervor is with being a decent human being.

Have a look, but please, despite the fact that this issue affects your families and imposes on your private right to determine what kind of religious teaching you’d like to arrange for your children, do not return this kind of ugliness on the “FIRIS” site or Facebook Page (or anywhere for that matter) – there are plenty of principled ways to engage with hatred.

We are very liberal with the kind of comments that are allowed but this is not a site to debate the merits of religion, but rather a campaign focused on why the school policy is unfair and wrong for our schools.  Please feel free to “like” the Parents Victoria facebook page and show your support for this group who is now under assault from some rather petulant defenders of the social order … or something.