If you haven’t read today’s article in the AGE about the move by Parents Victoria to join the lobby effort (along with the AEU and others who have endorsed the FIRIS campaign) to remove SRI from the compulsory school day – here is a link:  http://www.theage.com.au/national/education/parents-shun-school-religion-20120803-23l7v.html

The article topped the most read national stories all day, stories on this topic consistently top the page view tables, so it is surprising that we are not seeing more coverage by the media of this unpopular policy.  Get active, make noise.

FIRIS will be reporting soon on our complaint about the policy of “opt-out” being advertised as “opt-in” and what this means for the campaign.

Keep up the pressure, FIRIS has gained ground steadily since the campaign began and we are going to continue to build momentum as we move toward news of the VCAT hearing.