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  1. Reading, writing – and religion. Really?

    New Zealand Herald – 5 days ago
    The issue of religion in schools is a current hot potato but it was admirably  (HRC) 2009 documentReligion in New Zealand Schools: Questions.
  1. Freedom from religion

    Wanganui Chronicle – 1 day ago
     Religious Education (or Bible in Schools or Values in Schools or  give it) should be permitted inNew Zealand’s primary schools should not 
  2. Religious education only brainwashes (blog) – 5 days ago
    Little wonder, as the New Zealand Herald noted the other day, many schools  Yes, I do have some background in religious education, having 

    Victoria Advocate
  3. Anglican leader calls for an end to Bible study in schools

    TVNZ – 16 Jul 2012
    An Anglican leader is urging state schools to ditch the Bible in Schools  believes it is trying to create a loophole around the New Zealand Bill of Rights.  Network in a bid to get the religious education programme out of the 

    Church leader opposes Bible teaching in schools‎ 3News NZ
    School Bible lessons ‘un-Christian’ – reverend‎