What:  Nunawading Uniting Church discussion about SRI in Victoria:  discussion with Scott Hedges

When & Where:  Sunday, July 29, 2012 @ 3:00 p.m.

355 Whitehorse Rd.

Who:  Rev. Paul Tonson & Scott Hedges (FIRIS)

If you are a supporter of FIRIS and would like to participate in the forum, there will be a chance for you to speak, meet other FIRIS parents and show your support.  Reverend Tonson has met with FIRIS several times and is an advocate of “interfaith dialog” – Rev. Tonson also hosted one of Austrlaia’s leading Evangelicals,  Bishop Stephen Hale, who is chairman of ACCESS.  Hale advocated for ACCESS, and Rev. Tonson has offered to discuss with someone supporting FIRIS about why there is a campaign against SRI in schools.

Scott Hedges, will gladly oblige him.

You can watch a short interview of Scott here:

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audio of the conversation between Hale and Tonson here:

part one

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