Up until FIRIS started to organize the objection to the practice of using the schools as venues for Christian Missionary work, parents were all alone, and the Minister of Education, looked the other way and teachers were told to keep their mouth shut.

We’ve come a long way since then but we’ve a long way to go.  The fact is there still isn’t anything wrong with local churches running these ads trying to find ANYONE, moved by passion to evangelize children.  When FIRIS pointed this out – Martin Dixon and Peter Garrett said, “there is no evidence of any proselytism.

Recently though Diamond Valley Baptist church became the latest to proclaim that they are openly using “SRI” to “proselytize”

Here is their advertizement:

The aim of CRE is to spread the good news of Jesus to children within local Victorian State Schools.

CRE teaches Christian Religious Education to primary school children. Teachers are trained, and accredited by CCES before being allocated a weekly class at participating schools. Each week, a syllabus that aims to teach Christian values and beliefs is followed for the 30 minute lesson.

There is an ongoing need for volunteers to participate in CRE. Those who have a passion for children, evangelism and teaching the Good News are welcome even if you have never taught before.

If you would like to serve in this ministry, and can offer 30 minutes a week to do so, please contact the church office on 9435 9377.


If you want to get a flavor of just what kind of religion we are talking about here.  We are talking about a very PERSONAL relationship with God.  At Diamond Valley, God really gets involved with you in a personal and intimate way … in the case of this youth pastor, God “got a hold of of him and said very clearly, sell the 1968 Holden Monaro HK.

So when you hear the term “personal god” being discussed in the context of evangelical and fundamentalist religion – we are talking about very personal things indeed.




Dimond Valley reports on CRE:
The CRE Team wishes to thank the Church for providing the facilities of the Church for Initial
Training Sessions and for on-going Professional Development days throughout the past year and
for their prayer and financial support. Without this support the Lord’s work in schools in our area
would be the poorer.
Ten personnel from Diamond Valley Baptist were involved in CRE programs in eight schools
during 2009. And, whilst this may appear to be a lot of involvement, the Religion in Life program
was only being offered in about half the schools in our community. Sadly, with the current open

door in schools to CRE we ought not to neglect the opportunity we currently enjoy. When you
have a typical nine year old, who does not attend any church say : I’m glad that you are my CRE
teacher because you show God’s love to me.” Then you realize the wonderful opportunity one
can have to reach unchurched children with the Good News.
If you can spare an hour a week then get trained and take up the challenge. For, this is our
community and, this is our mission field.