The letter that FIRIS sent out recently is beginning to be discussed by School Councils across Victoria.

See previous post for details

Here is a follow up email that one FIRIS supporter sent to her School Council President. Feel free to copy and paste and send something to your own School Council to make sure the letter actually got to them, and to request that the motions discussed in the letter be passed.

Hi ####,

Congratulations on your re-election to President of the school council. I’m wondering if you have received a letter from a parent organisation called Fairness in Religion in Schools (FIRIS). It was sent out to all schools in Victoria a couple of weeks ago, addressed to the school council.

The letter discusses the new DEECD policy surrounding Special Religious Instruction (one result of the new policy is the new ‘opt-in’ form that you would have seen sent home with the kids).

As a member of the ### community I would like to request that the council considers passing the motions discussed in the letter from FIRIS. As the letter discusses, passing a motion that our school community does not believe in segregating young children on the basis of religion would send a strong message to the public, DEECD and the government.

I am a member of FIRIS and would be happy to discuss the letter or SRI in general, with you or with the school council as a whole. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. My mobile number is ###.


ADDENDUM: A copy of the letter that has been sent out can be found here: FIRIS letter to School Councils April 2012