A big shout out to Rebecca Stephenson – who is tireless in her whack a mole with the ever changing arguments of ACCESS Ministries.  One day they are proposing that our schools are “Mission Fields” – now they are acting like they are just one of the many choices that add spice to life.  They now are the defenders of “multiculturalism”, which would be funny if all the evidence pointed to the negative effects of single faith “segregated religious instruction”.

Paddison pretends that outside of the compulsory school day – parents and children have no choices – she knows this isn’t true – and what she does not want to answer is why a system that was truly elective and opt in – hurts “choice”.  Up until August – she was quite happy about the rules – which made her program default – and in most schools, it still is “the default” program.

Paddison is also willfully ignoring the her critics that come from her own program.  Apparently people like this simply get “intemperate phone calls” from her Ministry – the rest of us get deceptive letters to the editor.


Also, Paddison is not being honest that ACCESS is the same old “CCESS” – they added an A, added the name of “Ministry” – and were very proud to have done it:


Now they are just offering choice … ie, put your kid in the hall or attend our ministry.  Well FIRIS isn’t taking your so called “choice”!