What really animates the hearts of ACCESS’s base?  Read it and weep.
Submitted on 2012/03/27 at 5:49 am

I am quite disgusted by your huge billboards promoting non christian/no christian RE in Schools. I think what you are trying to do will cause more damage to the Australian Community and children than anything else. In case you are unaware Australia is a Free Country BECAUSE of the CHRISTIAN Religion, that promotes amongst its core values Honesty, Respect, Love, Kindness and Tolerance. If you dont share these values then quite frankly I dont consider you Australian at all. Currently Parents have a CHOICE as to sending their Children to RE or not, no one Forces the children to attend, and I find your graphics of children stigmatized because of not attending RE nothing short of RIDICULOUS. If you are that offended by it, there are plenty of Non Christian Schools you could send your children too. Stop trying to force Real Decent Australians with Decent Christian Values to withdraw from teachings of peace and love just because you have a different opinion. Take your Bigotry back to your own Countries, I am sick of it !