The following inner urban school can’t seem to understand what “opt in” means:

The acting Principal is Barry Archibald, who writes:


Religious Education
Recently a notice was sent home asking parents/guardians to advise us of their intention to have their child/children
included or otherwise in the religious education sessions conducted in the school by ACCESS Ministries. The difficulty for teachers has been that families have indicated on the booklist this year that they have paid the $7 for materials to be distributed in the program, indicating that children are to participate; others have advised us that children are to participate but have not paid the $7 for materials.

I am also advised by teachers that children are indicating that they don’t wish to attend, hence our dilemma about the level of participation. The convener of the program was also seeking clarification about the number of participants, hence the purpose of my letter to families.

Participation in the program is voluntary -there has been no change to this protocol in the Education and Training Reform Act
2006. I have included in this newsletter the Fact Sheet dealing with the Principle of Secular Education which also
can be found on the Department’s website for your further information.

We do need your advice if you elect not to have children involved in the program.


So if this policy is “opt in” why do you need anyone’s advise if they elect not to have their children involved in the program?

Funny how that works in this new “opt in” system – anyone else think this so called new policy is a sham?