paragraph from a letter from ACCESS Ministries to CRE teachers:

“2011 was a year of reviews and investigations for ACCESS Ministries. I am pleased to be able to inform you that not only were we completely exonerated by the Federal Government of any charges of proselytising but also we received official confirmation in December from the State Minister of Education, Martin Dixon, that the State Government’s investigation over a three month period has found no case to answer. In fact we have been commended for our policies and procedures.”

Seriously folks, this is what it has come down to – a closed door investigation, ending in a commendation.

Oh, there is the fact that ACCESS removed “God and Jesus” from its Mission Statement – but really, these are details.

There is nothing to see here, move along … nothing that you say or experience really matters, “there is no case to answer”.

Why do we say “AEU, SCREW YOU”?  We’ll the AEU have passed a policy saying that SRI should not be in the school day and that they have clearly breached the guidelines.  Furthermore, Mary Bluett has said that 6 hours of training is “totally inadequate” – by “commending” ACCESS The Minister is saying that he really doesn’t care what teachers in Victoria have to say – therefore, it is “Screw You, AEU”.

Got that?