Not long after the FIRIS launched its campaign, we learned of a young woman studying to be a teacher in Melbourne who had seen first hand what a travesty SRI was in the classroom, and how glaringly it contrasted with what she’d learned in “teacher school”.  Tal was not alone in responding to the FIRIS campaign, thousands of people also nodded and said, “about time” in various ways.

Tal however, stood out for several reasons, her personal experiences and observations, her authoritative command of big picture, and her fearless use of her liberties to publish these opinions, without fear of them being held against her professional aspirations.  Indeed it was BECAUSE of her professional aspirations that she was motivated to speak.

We enthusiastically commended her essay to the FIRIS community – and of course hoped for more like minded teachers to rise up and join her in publicly declaring it was long overdue to revoke the franchise that ACCESS Ministry operates under.

It was especially gratifying that the AEU unanimously passed a motion, more or less making Tal’s views the official policy of the AEU  .

Tal has now completed her degree, and accepted a teaching job in Victoria.  She is an inspiring young woman with a great spirit and gift of leadership.  She has also decided to continue to set an example writing about her experience at a new blog she calls “Slome-Schooled” and it is unquestionable that the lives of many young Victorians will be impacted by this talented, newly minted educator with such a strong sense of professional mission.

We look forward to Tal’s continued support for the FIRIS campaign as the legal case against her Department in February,  promises to make blog fodder across the State and indeed the world – with ACCESS Ministry hiring a full time PR firm, and girding its loins for misdirection and spin to cover up its “mission”.  Sadly, no matter how much of your tax money ACCESS tosses at this, they will never buy the kind of Tal-ent, that FIRIS gets for free, from brilliant people like Tal!


Tal is unquestionably an exemplar of the best that Victoria has to offer, a poster girl for the value of “secular principle” in education and a we might add, a mensch.  We wish her well in her new job – and encourage all you FIRIS-ians and denizens of the internets to follow her 


Here is a re-run of her SRI post, in on her new, whiter, brighter site.  So go drive some page views and a good ‘come on Aussie, come on.