Following on the heels of the $12 Million cartoon book franchise of publishing lesson plans run by ACCESS in Victoria, “Youth Works” a youth Ministry in NSW has gone into the publishing game:


Youth Works is a youth Ministry which is publishing under the CEP “Christian Education Publications”. Plenty of evidence that this is “missionary activity” and not “education”.


It’s chock full of resources that you can use to have a go at kids where ever you feel like conducting your own “Youth Ministry”.

As Evonne once said, “be like Jesus and use our cartoon books to teach other people’s children about God in our State Schools!” (well she didn’t really say that, what she said was “be like Jesus and pitch a tent”.

The themes and ideas behind “cartoon Christianity” are all the same … but what is glaring, what really jumps out is that these lessons are not to teach “about Christianity”.

They are fully intended to proselytize, in plain view, by having a go at kids.  For instance, in Victoria, you can rock up to a classroom of 5 year old children and start right in on “The BIG Questions”

see here for list of BIG Questions that we put in the hands of SRI teachers:

1. Who am I?
2. Who really knows me?
3. Where does our world come from?
4. Why are we here?
5. What’s gone wrong in the world?
6. What’s gone wrong with people?
7. What is God really like?
8. Does God really care?
9. How does God speak to me?
10. How do I read my very own Bible?
11. Does God really forgive?
12. Who is Jesus?
13. Is he so special?
14. What can he do?
15 .Why Jesus? Why Die?
16. Did he really?
17. What difference does Jesus make?
18. What if I respond?
19. When will Jesus return?

See, thats all it is, just plain old having go at the kids with material that is indistinguishable from the same kind of stuff missionaries use.

This is just using the schools as a place to “get at kids” to advocate one particular religious view point, with no sense of objectivity, balance or reputable educational approach.