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Lessons in kindness


Since the recent death of our young daughter around Easter, we have been shown amazing kindness and love from all those around us. And when I hear a mother from school say, “I’m not a Christian, but I found myself praying for you guys,” you know that believing in Christian morals does rub off on others. We are truly thankful for these prayers and those who have supported us since Isabel passed away.

I recall my daughter’s teacher was apologetic at first for being unable to speak to us about Isabel’s death. But then again, up until Easter, we were no more mature in relation to death – and I grieve for anyone who has this spiritual maturity thrust upon them. Fortunately our church provided support for the parents around us to help them understand and explain our grief, and to address the questions from their kids. While the teachers at our kids’ school are wonderful at addressing their educational needs, we ask too much from them to also address these emotional and spiritual needs – especially when others are available to help.

Feel free to say what you like about CRE teachers and Access Ministries. As Christians we are called to turn the other cheek, so you don’t expect us to join in the verbal slanging match in the papers. While opinions fly, without providing better solutions, let’s not make children the final victims here. If we have an opportunity for them to better develop their values and spiritual maturity, then please help them learn rather than block the only avenue they may have to hear about a God who does not call for war and revenge, but asks us to be kind, loving and understanding.

As a Christian, I am sorry if these words or the words of CRE teachers upset the reader. In a politically correct world such as ours, it seems impossible not to offend someone. We will not always get it right because we are human, hence we seek positive criticism on how we can help CRE teachers, like any teacher, to better teach the values we share.

Let’s not act like separated parents; arguing about our children in the papers while they hide away as if they were up the other end of the house. Let’s work together to talk to them, listen to them and teach them that values such as compassion and kindness are not old fashioned. We can never have too much kindness.

Simon Mackey
Northcote, VIC 3070