You can’t get a better sense of what is really going on than this photo.

Here we have Reverend Denise Nichols, head of Christian Instruction for Victoria’s state funded parachurch, tellingly called “ACCESS MINISTRIES” leading the minister of Education Martin Dixon around by the arm.


It isn’t clear how long it took for the circulation to return to the Minister’s arm after this gala event which demonstrates with vivid images the political nature of state funded religion.  ACCESS is now a 12 Million dollar and growing, parachurch which counts on state and federal funds for is “base operations” and overhead expenses, from this base of support it can focus on lobbying and cultivation of big donors.

This is how the game is played folks … don’t let notions of democracy or the idea that there are any principles that matter.  In this game, you get what you lobby for and the money flows to the credible threats.

The meek may inherit the earth, but the aggressive and politically connected schmoozers will decide how your child is instructed in religion … oh, right, you may elect to opt your child out.

ACCESS CEO Evonne Paddison, “Go and Make Disciples” … of politicians like Kevin Andrews, MP