Please feel free to leave comments that shred this tired line of attack … and don’t forget to notice how these attacks on our schools usually end up with an attack on Science.  There is an almost perfect correlation between creationism (in this case meaning that the belief that humans did not evolved from other forms of life) and the universe of people who teach SRI in our schools.  It is not a 100% correlation, but its close, and the education department could care less … this is a laughable system that is designed to put people who think like this in our children’s classrooms:


Here we go again- expecting our schools to be educating our children on every kind of thing from aboriginal history to evolution to homosexuality – but hold no regard for teaching them about the very foundations of which this free democratic nation was founded- Christianity.
As our country continues to remove every trace of God and Christianity from every possible place and replace with any other mumbo jumbo, what do we get?
Has our country become more selfish or serving?
More giving or greedy?
More gracious or demanding?
More caring or uncaring?
More respectful or disrespectful?
More honest or deceitful?
More patient or impatient?
More forgiving or accusing?

If we hate religion in schools so much then how about we start closing down every institution based on such- hospitals, schools, adoption agencies, welfare organizations etc
of course, we don’t want these things to go.
We want all the services , time and money that our Christians agencies provide, just not any of their ‘opinions’ to be taught to our children.
BTW evolution is just a theory- with no evidence- why on earth are we teaching that in our schools?


Sue | Sydney – August 26, 2011, 7:53AM

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