This is the kind of instruction that is on offer … which would be funny except it is so pathetic.  Keep in mind, ACCESS claims “No Proselytising” … which is of course a lie, ACCESS volunteers do almost nothing except promote the most shallow and simplistic kinds of ideas on impressionable children.

This is the kind of education which is supposed to help kids “understand Shakespeare”.  Uhg.



UPDATE:  It has come to our attention that the song, “God is Better than Beer” is from an Australian Animated Film, “Harvie Krumpet” the scene can be viewed here:


It turns out that this song is not from HARVIE KRUMPET, but was licensed to the movie from a Christian Childrens Musician name Keith Binns, the song is listed as #4 in the Christian Category on, so this is art imitating life, we emailed the creator of HARVIE KRUMPET, Adam Elliot’s office, and they replied that Adam used to sing this song in Sunday school as a child and it always stuck in his head.  They added that Adam is very much against the teaching of Religion in Schools … here is the credits from the version included in HARVIE KRUMPET

"God is Better than Football"
Written by Keith Binns,  Published by Keith Binns
Performed by Julie Forsyth and The Elwood Primary School Choir,  Conducted by Jane Smith.
Jack Belkin  Hannah Woodroffe-Hill  Claire Kelly  Lily Vaughan  Tasman Vaughan  Dominic Murray-Fiume
Lewis Bell  Angus Bell  Choir Assistant Stewart Bell




The above image is of Keith Binns, the artist who wrote, “God is Better than Football” his version of this song can be heard here:  CLICK HERE (opens up MP3 album site)