The headline of this article is not encouraging.   However, headlines are often misleading.  Hopefully the Greens will realize that there is a broad coalition that supports reform of the current system and that this is a discrimination issue, not an “anti religion” issue,  FIRIS looks forward to the Greens help BUILDING THE COALITION for reform, over the heads of those who put the interests of special interests above the interests of children and families.

If you are reading this Dear Greens, please take the time to get the formal endorsement on principled grounds from this broad coalition, before your Parliamentary Motion is attacked by the ACL, and ACCESS MINISTRIES and anyone else they can scare into believing that you are just a bunch of Pagans attacking religion.

This is an easy win, where you can isolate the right wing, just read who is behind us in our “Quotable” section

Greens fight religious education

23 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM
WHAT DO YOU THINK? SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS STORY TO POST A COMMENT.RELIGIOUS education in state schools is a waste of taxpayers’ money and must be “fixed”, Greens education spokeswoman Sue Pennicuik says.

Access Ministries, an organisation that teaches nearly all religious education in Victorian state schools, has been criticised in recent media reports for “proselytising” during its classes.

Parents can choose to opt their children out of religious education, but according to Ms Pennicuik, students not taking part often remained in classrooms because of a lack of teaching resources.

Ms Pennicuik said she intended to bring a parliamentary motion in the coming weeks calling for an end to the practice, which she said did not belong in a secular system.

James Martin, spokesman for Education Minister Martin Dixon, said the government did not plan to change Special Religious Education in schools and the decision whether or not students took part rested with parents.

“Teachers are required to give children who do not take part in the program meaningful and worthwhile work to undertake,” he said.

Ms Pennicuik said she did not believe this was taking place. She added: “In a secular system, some of us have no religion, some are Christian, some are Jewish, some are Muslim – we shouldn’t have religious education that’s only about one religion.

“The teachers who have contacted me about it are furious about how their students have to sit in the back of the classroom and listen to the proselytising.”

– Amber Wilson