The Australian runs an article on the war being waged by parachurch evangelicals funded by the Commonwealth.

The issue here is that not all Chaplains are hostile to learning about the world in which we live, nor cut from the extremely toxic and shallow ideology on display among the sort who feel that science is wrong because the bible says its wrong.

The frustrating thing about this for many parents is that the respected voices among the clergy seem apathetic even indifferent to denouncing this nonsense and calling it out in no uncertain terms as wrong, idiotic, baseless, and silly.  It is in the face of this apathy, that anger builds.

No one is saying that this quack should not be able to speak his wacky ideas, but giving him this inside track via the efforts of an ideologically dedicated and state funded work force of people who are selected and groomed to do this … should be an affront to everyone working in education.

This isn’t about censoring anyone’s rights, this is about deliberately funding it and interjecting it where it does the most harm to the maximum amount of children.

If our politicians and educational administrators don’t see right thought this … then we really have problems.   If you see one rat, count ten.