If there was any question about the real values and motivations that underpin the parachurch industry that is funded via #NSCP

Let this disabuse you of the illusion:


If you ever wondered just how dumb this subset of crazy is, watch here:


Visiting Speaker
On Wednesday August 10th, visiting speaker
John Mackay will be at Gympie State High
School to give a science presentation examining
the evidence for the Biblical account of Creation
and current Evolutionary teaching.
Attendance to the presentation is completely
voluntary and is only available with parental
This will provide students with the opportunity to
hear an alternative point of view and challenge
him with questions.
John Mackay is an experienced speaker and
has debated this topic internationally with some
of the world’s leading scientists.
The presentation will take place during period 3
whilst school parade is on ensuring no class
time is missed. Questions will follow during the
lunch break where some food will also be provided.
Parental permission forms can be collected from
the school Chaplain, John Donaldson