Come celebrate cultural diversity in our schools.

“Mums, Dads and friends of FIRIS”, meet in person to share stories, discuss the future and put a personal face to the current discourse and dilemma in our State School system.

What better setting to meet than at The Immigration Museum, a wonderful venue that explores the stories of real people from all over the world who have migrated to Victoria.

The Museum is currently showing the ‘Cultural Diversity Quest‘. An exhibition that encourages Victorian students to celebrate Victoria’s cultural diversity through artworks in a range of media. Students’ works reflect their investigation of cultural diversity within their school and community.

While our Education Department persists with a policy which encourages prejudice by separating our children from their classmates and promoting one religion over all others, let’s stand together and celebrate the diversity within our schools and within our community.

So bring your kids, speak to other parents and enjoy the exhibition.

Time: 2:30pm on Sunday 31st July

Where to meet:  Just off the first floor is a kind of “Ship” room. This is a fake side of a ship with an internal display of what it might have been like back in the old days. Perfect for kids to mess about and play.

Cost: just $8 entry (Children 3–16 years free entry) and parking right next door. Street parking also possible on a Sunday arvo and its a short walk from Flinders Street Station.

Getting to the museum

Street address: Immigration Museum, Old Customs House, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne