The Catholics in Sydney were fully against the introduction of Ethics Classes in NSW, but having lost that fight are now for them and that there is actually a BIGGER threat!

The new latest threat is … wait for it … yes us!  Though they just call us the “atheist, secular, humanist brigade” … and they are especially mad at the media, and academics … especially the academics who have good arguments as to why holding segregated SRI classes is wrong.  Even though there is no CCD going on in Victoria schools, and the only ones who do SRI are Protestant Churches, this won’t stop the militant activists in the Sydney church from condemning the aims of FIRIS.

This time they are slamming REENA who have been making the case that the way Australia does SRI/SRE is completely obsolete and totally out of step with our culture.

Now there has been a new push by various small interest groups to have such classes axed in favor of a completely secular school system so that any religion is taught as an academic subject and taught across the board as “world religions” rather than focusing on one faith, or on the doctrine of that faith.

Basically their argument boils down to “If you don’t give us space in the state schools to instruct children in the doctrines of our religion you are discriminating against us!

In other words, a secular school has to cater to catholic doctrine or we spit the dummy.