Religious education

I FEEL very uneasy about well-meaning Christians having unsupervised access to children who still believe in fairies.

Liz Manle, Malvern

ON THE issue of religious education in state schools, The Age (21/7) is again showing its bias. What about publishing a large colour photograph of a cute kid and a mother who is happy that her child is learning about God?

Wyn Moriarty, St Leonards

IF AN Access minister went door-to-door asking to have a chat with the children of each house, how many parents would let that person in? None? Then why are we still discussing their access to children at school?

Roger Green, Ferntree Gully

WHEN Access Ministries says it has ”a vision and mission”, it is time to be very wary. Religious responsibility lies in the home.

Colin Jones, South Melbourne

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