Push to expand religious teaching
The Age
Access Ministries chief executive Evonne Paddison said “bring on the inquiries”, as she took her militant message to the airwaves and media yesterday.

The coverage, as usual from the paper of record has been excellent.  Paddison and Hale refused to acknowledge the complaints and concerns of parents across Victoria and despite the broad call for reform for leading clergy, parents and teachers, to scrap the confessional system of Special Religious Instruction and replace it with a comparative and educational system to help teach rather than give ACCESS a venue to preach … ACCESS is all but daring the Liberal party to be true to its principles.

This isn’t going to end well, because when ACCESS says, they aren’t “embittered” you can can bet, they are embittered.

They are angry, they are embittered and they are about to unload a new legal strategy … more on this to come.

ALSO, see the coverage at the ABC:


As the video makes clear, this is a full blown assault on Victoria’s Schools.