Where: Melbourne Town Hall

When: Sunday, July 17, 2011 – 2:30 – 4:00

Who: The public is welcome

Why: To continue to push the divisive and dishonest spin that Evonne Paddison and Stephen Hale have been peddling since FIRIS began its reform campaign.

Parents, Teachers and Principals are sick and tired of the intimidation, the bullying and the usurpation of the rights of families to choose their religious beliefs and identity for themselves. We are no longer putting up with the dishonesty, the falsehoods and the spin that is being put out by this self serving program.

The leaders of this organization are interested in their agenda and protecting what they call a right to use the public schools in Victoria as a “mission field” … our children and our schools are no place for this militant religious aggression. We will not have you segregate our preps and use our schools as if they were villages in the third world.

This is a prosperous and diverse nation which proudly makes no official policy to favor any religion or non religion. The churches of Victoria should not be holding rallies to enforce totally unfair rules that discriminate against children of minority faiths and of children whose parents choose for them to no be instructed in religion.

This rally PROVES that ACCESS doesn’t listen and doesn’t care what families think, what teachers know, or what parents want. This is about intimidating politicians.