Here you can read the email that the group at DEECD who is responsible for SRI has decided will paper over the problems created by their unworkable and unfair policy on principals and to clamp down on school councils who wish to discuss this issue.   On Wednesday, June 15, schools were advised to print the following warning in their news letters.

It is amazing that DEECD thought they should inform parents that they thought it was OK to discuss school policy independent of the school and to talk to their members of Parliament.  Amazing huh?

Note to the staff at DEECD, just exactly who do you think Ted Baillieu’s neighbors are?



The following is a statement developed by the Student Wellbeing Division to support school principals that are receiving requests from parents or school council regarding SRI. The suggestion is that it be placed in a newsletter. It is up to you if you use it or not, but if you do, please ensure that you have provided all the correct advice and forms re ‘opting out’ and that the students that do opt out are catered for.


“All members of XXXXX Primary School community should note that current provision of SRI within the school is in line with primary legislation set out under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

The principal is obligated to ensure the school meets legislative and departmental policy requirements at all times.

In this case, the school is obliged to prepare for provision of any SRI, in line with the individual wishes of all parents, if an offer is made to the school community by any particular SRI provider.

This will continue to be the case unless there is a change to the Act.  The Principal would then be officially informed in writing by DEECD before alternatives may be pursued.

Parents and individual community members are free to canvass views, independent of the school, on any legislative matter and express these directly to members of Parliament.”


You may wish to use a preamble such as:

There has been a great deal of media interest recently in the offering of Special Religious Instruction in our schools. As a result, I feel that the following advice may be beneficial to you. This has the support of the Student Well Being Division of DEECD.