Please download these files for use in your school newsletter to inform parents of how they can join the FIRIS Campaign

newsletter ads (downloads PDF of page size ad)

Firis notice (downloads word docx)


Update:  You may need to be persistent and insist, as we are getting reports that some schools feel they should not run FIRIS ads.

Use the following arguments, be polite but firm … inform us of any schools who will not provide coverage of FIRIS in the newsletter.

This is information site that allows people to get involved in the policy level.
This is a “community issue” and the Campaign is on this is a “community resource”.
People are allowed to communicate about this issue it using the “noticeboard” for the community, and the school newsletter.
Nothing suggests that the aims of FIRIS are endorsed by the School or the DEECD – it simply is a way for people to inform themselves of a group that is working on a community issue.
This is exactly the kind of information that is welcome in a newsletter.   This in not a “political” issue, it is a “policy issue” and we have a right to discuss policy.  People in the school need to know about FIRIS and the issues around this policy.
Censoring this information is not fair.  It is perfectly acceptable to tell people via the “community notices” that this exists?
The schools can not censor the FIRIS campaign.