The segment on “God In School”


ACCESS Ministry makes no attempt to hide the fact that they are “preaching” in the schools.  In this clip Denise Nichols, a Sydney Evangelical, uses the classic evangelical code word, “unashamedly”.

You’ll be hearing a lot of this word in the weeks and months going ahead.  ACCESS has realized that the public will not stand for its agenda or its mission, so now the debate begins as to how to reframe and confuse the issues.  One key way they will attempt to do this is by painting themselves as the victims.  By suggesting that someone things that it is “shameful” to be Christian, or to profess Christian faith, they can move the conversation away from their clearly evangelical intentions, and to a discussion of their “rights”.

Instead of explaining why they have structured their teaching as the “default”, opt out curriculum – forcing parents to “object” rather than “sign up”, they hope to make this a conversation about how they are oppressed.