Ian Harper, a board member of Access Ministries, Dissembles.

Amazingly Harper turns the argument upside down and says that:

By supporting school chaplaincy and securing a place for special religious instruction, governments undergird rather than undermine pluralism in our society.

They stand against a narrow-minded secularism that denigrates all world views apart from its own.

Got that?  So unless the government passes money to ParaChurch Ministry who hire people based on confessional practices (ie religious tests for hiring) and places them in jobs inside our public schools, and unless it grants 3% of the required school time to a ParaChurch Ministry that calls our schools “the Greatest Mission Field” and coldly states that it intends to “plant churches in the schools” … that we don’t have pluralism, we have “narrow minded secularism that denigrates others views”.

What is worse, Ian Harper has totally ignored the statements made by his own CEO … Evonne Paddison reports TO HIM! and he acts like nothing she says need be mentioned here.  This is stunning.  It would be like your CEO admitting that she was colluding to fix prices but that any program to block your monopolistic practices was unfair to your right to trade and was a “narrow and intolerant kind of market system”.  This clown thinks we are dumb.

And he comes in the paper and dissembles … please will someone deal with this fusilade of lies … to call this coercision of people’s families “the undergirding” of pluralism is an affront to every fiber of what it means to live in a secular state … this is “state legislated, state funded religion run in the public schools against the will of families directly because Evangelicals want to use the schools as places to “convert children” … and we have to listen to this tripe from Harper.  I hope that there are some people paying attention out there this is the most insulting Orwellian tripe I’ve ever seen.

This is no different than arguing that White Australia aided race relations and undergirds diversity.

His dissembling can be read here.