Bouma’s Article on SRI on ABC Religion and Ethics Website

Gary Bouma asks some good questions …

ACCESS Ministries is a “self-accrediting” provider in this area. I noted above that several other religious groups require certification from Religions for Peace as to the suitability of their curricula, as a condition to their being allowed into the State Schools.

ACCESS Ministries claims that their curricula are suitable. The question is, how is this suitability ascertained? What body of experts – curricular, theological and Biblical – scrutinises this material. By what processes is it determined to be suitable to what range of Christians? Further quality assurance issues can be raised. What procedures are in place to ensure that those teaching SRI are trained and abide by the rules?

ACCESS Ministries is a successor to the CCES. Given the proud and as far as I can ascertain accurate self-declaration of ACCESS Ministries as “Evangelical Christians,” by what administrative mechanism does it ensure that its curricula are suited not just to those who describe themselves as “Evangelicals” but also to the broad spectrum of Australia’s Christians?

The fact is that the DEECD have simply punted here, unwilling, or unable to monitor the quality, suitability of this anachronistic program, they have taken to simply pretending that there is no problem.

Their mantra is now, “there are no complaints”.

Parents, Victorians, Countrymen.  Lend me your complaints.