ACCESS Ministry has posted a defense of the comments made by Evonne Paddison regarding the strategic mission, vision and goals of ACCESS Ministry.

Apparently the argument is that when you state your strategic intentions in a room full of evangelical leaders and bishops, that no one should believe that you actually mean what you’re saying.

This argument alone should disqualify this organization from being given any role in teaching values or giving moral guidance in our schools.

This is simply condescending and dishonest.  The simple fact is that this group changed its name (as Evonne stated in her speech) because they intend to “conduct ministry” – they are not educating children.  We know this because our children are in this system.  This is a “ministry” directed at children.  Our children.

We are tired of being told that the curriculum is “educational” or that the volunteers are trying to “convert” anyone, the whole program is designed to use the schools as a vehicle for “ministry” as the name of “ACCESS Ministry” clearly states and as this group has stated time and time again in every single piece of promotion of public statement that they have made since becoming “ACCESS MINISTRY”.

Quit telling us that we don’t understand the “context” we can read … unlike our children, who are learning to read, and when you walk like a duck and talk like a duck … don’t tell us that you are a rabbit.