In an article as strange as it is confusing, a Sydney Anglican writer accuses others of “confusing” the difference between NSCP and SRI.

apparently she has not actually listened to the words of the CEO of ACCESS Ministry, who is quite clear that the agenda of ACCESS is to use BOTH these vehicles to address the vast “unchurched” mass of children and to “convert them” to Christianity … when will the partisans admit that the “bad guys” in this drama are in fact the religiously motivated activists who seek to use the schools as a “mission field” … these are not accusations wielded from some band of “militant secularists” (whoever that might be) these are the actual words that the leaders and strategic planners of the parachurch industry are using to explain WHY they want ACCESS to the schools!

Please, there are reasons to argue FOR using the schools as places to conduct ministry, but accusing others of “confusing” the issues, is not one of them.

Note, the expression “gird loins” comes from a “pre Christian” reference.  I mention this only because it is wearisome to keep hearing how our “culture” is based on Christianity, only to continuously hear all the influence of classical antiquity on our culture … could it be that our culture is not based just on the teachings of Jesus?