“Without Jesus, our students are lost”, warned Evonne Paddison at EFAC in September 2008.

“It may be uncomfortable, but so what! What a command to make disciples, what a responsibility, what a privilege we have been given. Let’s go for it!”, was her concluding statement.

Speaking of existing ministry;

“How much of that ministry is actually resulting in Christian conversion and discipleship growing, and resulting in church growth?. We must develop right attitudes and framework and goals and models in order to see not only Christian ministry taking place, but conversion, discipleship and commitment to a Christian community. We need ‘missional attitudes’ a clear theological framework and intentional goals to impact on the lives of students, and a clear biblical view of discipleship. We need to see our scripture teachers, our chaplains, especially as facilitators of this”.

“And can I urge, we must move them to an acceptance of the centrality of scripture… showing it as a door to growing in the relationship with Jesus – do not water it down… plant the gospel and the church where they are. Our young people need Christ… desperately need a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Get them in the story of salvation. We must give our people and young people a model of discipleship that promotes belief and response to the word of God, and trains them to abide in it”.

However on May 16th, over almost ten minutes, Evonne obfuscates on Open House Christian Radio. “There is no way” ACCESS staff seek to teach Christian gospel or convert students. “In fact we prohibit it”, she plainly lies to listeners. Her design presented in 2008 included;
“Our engagement must show Jesus to be the best of all choices that teaches and models for them the love of God and how to be in a community of faith”, Paddison said of the ACCESS mission. “We need a model that is marked by fruit bearing and involves our young people in evangelism and disciple making. We need a model that points to the glory of Christ in his incarnation, his work on the cross, his resurrection and exaltation and sees his disciples continuing that work and reflecting in his world”.

Dear reader, you be the judge.